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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


As I get older I find it kind of funny how when January arrives so do blog posts, advertisements, and magazine articles about organization.  Stores put bins and totes and other tools for organizing on sale.  So many articles out there on the how's and whys of being organized and clutter free.  And I do fall for it...a new year; starting off fresh.  I haven't got very far on my purging (or the exercise plans or weight loss program) but the house feels less cluttered especially once all the Christmas decor was put away.  But don't look in my closets.......

I found this printable on a blog I follow and I thought it was a neat idea.  Going through each room and listing tasks needed to be done.  For example, I have done some patching on the wall in a spare bedroom but it needs to be sanded and repainted....I never think of it until I'm in that room cleaning and once I leave the room it's forgotten.  Putting that task on this list will be a great reminder!  Looking at the list, room by room, will allow me to see, at a glance, what I need to do and what I can get done in the time I have to complete it.  Crossing something off a to-do list is very rewarding!  Here's the link to the blog.  The lists are called Walk the Room.

Today was cleaning day and I worked hard!  Feels great to have it done but there are still many things to tidy up or put away.  I'm meeting a friend for breakfast tomorrow and it will be nice to catch up, put makeup on and get out of the house!  Sue and Deb are coming over tomorrow night for stitching but this time we are working on our own individual projects.  Not sure yet what I will work on.

This mornings sunrise was beautiful:

Love the colors and a great view to wake up to!

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Margaret Macpherson said...

Beautiful sky. Love your posts. XOXO :-)