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Friday, January 23, 2015

Quilting Goals for 2015

I was reading another blog this morning and she talked about her quilting goals for 2015 and I thought it would be fun to think about what I would like to accomplish this year.  Then I realized it's pretty much the same goal every year for me......working on completely the one million (slight exaggeration....slight!) kits and projects that I already have!  Also, using my stash of fabrics for borders, backings, etc and try, really, really, really try not to buy anything all!  I quite often start the year off well and then need a pick-me-up or the thrill of waiting for the arrival of a squishy package in the mail and I cave!  As you can see, I have enough projects, kits and fabric to last a lifetime......

And I have already added to both this year.  But today is a new day...onward and upward!

Last post I mentioned that I had purchased two old quilts from Airdrie on my trip home from up north.  I've taken pictures, poor ones, but you can see how I couldn't leave them behind.  The first one has been hand quilted and totally amazes me.  The rows of stitches make squares of about 1 inch so there's a lot of quilting!  I can't even machine quilt a quilt let alone hand quilt one! 

The next one is a child's's long and narrow and consists of embroidered blocks.  Love and appreciate all the work that went into this one as well.

Sorry for the poor photos.  

Now I'm worried as I think I will have a new addiction.....I've been doing a lot of wool projects, instead of pieced projects and now I think I'm hooked on needle punch!!!!!!  I'm so tempted to pick it up and get "punching" this morning but I know I will sit and that's all I'll accomplish today! 
Thanks to Sue for this!!!!!! (But I guess it does fall into finishing or doing old, already purchased projects!! it's all good!!!) It's a lot of fun!

The sun is shining, it's warm outside so it's a good day!!!!!

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