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Thursday, January 1, 2015


I wanted to write this blog post last night but wasn't in the right frame of mind nor was I alone in order to really think about my words.  The end of a year, that was basically uneventful, is always sad for me.  For some years though, like the one my Mom passed away or the year of the flood, the end is always welcome.  When they are uneventful, meaning nothing terribly bad has happened, I worry about what the new year will bring.....thinking all the good or dullness cannot last forever.  This is how I'm feeling with the start of this new year.
As I reflect on last year, the only bad was my should have been my dream job but it wasn't.  When I look deeper into what the job brought me,though, I am thankful for it as it allowed me to meet some wonderful people, one of whom has become a very good friend.  I guess I was given the job for that reason because this friend has sure help to make my life a better one.
Hubby has a new job which, while it takes him away from home, it also provides a steady income which we haven't had in a long time.  The bad is that the longer he was gone the more I felt I was falling into a depression.  Friends to the rescue!  Again, thankful they were put into my life just because I sure needed them!
Then there is family.  My kids will always mean the world to me!  I'm glad they are close by...or close enough to come for a weekend here and there or holidays and they do!  It's been a great year for that!!!!!  A person never stops being a parent regardless of how old the kids get!  I keep in touch with my dad and see him fairly often considering the distance we live apart now.  But my brothers and sister in law, not so much.  I tried really hard at first to keep in touch but then I felt like it was very much a one way street and that maybe they didn't really care how I was doing.  Sure, they are busy and my brothers are, well, guys!  I just hope they don't forget we are family.....and just because I moved away doesn't mean I left their 'world'.  I have distant relatives who used to keep in touch way more often then we do now and one cousin who has basically forgotten I exist.  Why?  I have no clue.  I have tried to keep in touch here and there but either don't get a response or get involved in a very one sided, cold conversation (if I'm lucky)  I must learn not to take it personally and figure there is
something going on in her world to cause her to feel as though it's not worth the effort....even in this day and age of texts and emails.  I guess what I'm saying is I'm still adjusting to living in a new town and feel quite alone at times.
But, this is a new year and with it must come a new attitude.  Even though family is important to me, I must decide that if extended family doesn't care to keep in touch there's nothing I can do to force it.  I must value and cherish friendships that are new and old and realize they are what is keeping me afloat while I adjust.  I must be thankful for Hubby's job and make the most of the time he is at home and make more of an effort to spend time with him when he's away, when I can.  I must focus on being creative and clearing out craft and sewing projects either by doing them or selling them so I don't feel overwhelmed when I look in my cupboards!  I must focus on my health and well being both physically and mentally and work on being the best I can be.  I hope by writing this I can follow it and really, truly try! So I'm not picking a word of the year but rather a phrase:  "Let it go"!  It has so many meanings!
I have been busy in my sewing room and we really had a fantastic wasn't stressful but relaxed, even Christmas supper, which was delicious!  We played cards and board games, watched tv and ate too much.  But everyone being home and under one roof was the best!  Here are some recent pictures of sewing projects, food and family.  Happy New Year!  Come on me whatcha got!


Kathy said...

Happy New Year Jane and family! Hoping for a happy, healthy and creative 2015 for you! I smile at your let's go phrase as my motto in life everyday is "let's roll". Even my son uses it..

Kimbo said...

"Let it go" by Great Big Sea. I crank it up whenever I need to remind myself about that!