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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wet Wednesday

Monsoon June....I guess that's what June is called down here.  I can see why!!  Friday is the one year anniversary of our big flood and with the rain comes panic!  Areas south of us (on a different river system) are having flooding or warnings but so far we are good.  Only one area of High River is on flood watch but it's an area of town that is to be returned to a natural state for just this one should have been allowed to build there without measures taken to protect them from the river.  Anyway we are fine.  It is nice weather for ducks!!  These little dots on the water are a mommy duck and her 9 babies!  So cute watching them bob and dunk.

I finished block #2 of the wool BOM.  I will pick up block 3 tomorrow at work.

Last night I was invited to my friend Sues beautiful home for our bi-weekly stitching club.  We've decided to stop meeting for the summer, at the cold church room, but Sue and I decided to keep going when we can.  Needless to say there was not much stitching going on!!!  We did a lot of chatting, she had made a yummy chocolate cake and these two friendly pals kept me company too!

That comfie chair is in Sues sewing room....ahhhhh cozy and surrounded by quilty goodness!  Felt like I'd died and gone to Heaven!  Wish I could fit a chair in my room........

I do hope to spend time in my sewing room's the perfect weather for it!  I also need to do some tomorrow and Friday and then our street party Friday night....the weather is supposed to cooperate!  Fingers crossed!


Margaret Macpherson said...

Is your work all by hand or is some by machine? A PERFECT block. The idea is more appealing to me as I see more and more wool work being done. Beautiful work, Jane! I attended an Appliqué workshop in Kirkton yesterday from 10:00-4:00 with 19 others. A blizzard made it necessary to rebook it till now. There were TORNADO warnings yesterday, if you please. Heavy rain & winds was all we got in this area

Jane said...

Pegs, this one is all done by hand! Love the process!!! Did you make it to your appliqué workshop??????? Yikes!!!!!!!!!