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Monday, June 16, 2014

Four Legged Cuties

Before I get to Monday Mug Memories I want to show you these pics of our three dogs.  They love to wrap themselves up in blankets and every dog bed has one.  But these were taken on my daughters bed, infact she compiled these ones.

I could have stayed in bed this morning wrapped in my blankets too!!!  But I have my cleaning to do!  This weekend ALL FOUR of the kids were around!!!!!!!  Our son B and his girlfriend came down from St Albert with our "grand dog" Lela and her new haircut!  But while we were out at the Millarville Market on Saturday our other son,J,surprised us!! He was rained out at work in Saskatchewan.  It was sooooooo awesome having everyone here!!!!!  I was a bit teary eyed when they left yesterday.  **sigh**

So onto the mug.  I bought this one online one year...I got all my pals a quilty-type mug and this is the one I got for me.  It's too small for my morning coffee but I use it for tea.  The mug says it all!!!

I'm making progress on the second block of my wool BOM.  I am going to go to my friend Sues tomorrow for stitching as the group is taking a break over the summer.  If I am finished that one I will bring my snowman stitchery!  I do enjoy sitting and stitching!!!!  

Best get my chores done....lots of laundry added to the cleaning!!!!!  But "it's all good"!!!!!!  :-)


Kathy said...

Nice Mug! ☺

Sue said...

Looking forward to stitching and chatting again! wonder how much we'll get done?

Margaret Macpherson said...

You're their favorite Mom.

Zachary Boisson said...

While they are home you see the mess. Once they leave you see the quietness and the "emptyness" and wish for the mess back (and the kids). :)

Zachary Boisson said...

sorry, I sent this as Zack again!