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Monday, June 23, 2014

No Mug Monday

I think I'm running out of mugs with any kind of story to tell.  I could likely dig in the back of the cupboards but I'm thinking I might move on......I'll think of a different theme for future posts.

This past week was usual cleaning routine and some sewing.....before work Thursday and Friday.  Here are two finishes for me.  A queen sized Wicked Easy top:
A Crazy Eight's a small one and an old kit I'd had around for awhile:

Work was CRAZY busy for me....both days I was putting out new stock and on Friday we put out a ton of new Christmas fabric!!!!!!!!  I think Lucie realized she had....a lot!  So I rearranged the "Christmas/Fall/ Red Dot room a bit and got the fabric out and cut panels....lots of panels!  Shannon had to cut more on Saturday:

Friday night was the anniversary of the flood and my crazy neighbors planned a block party!  It was a blast as usual!!!!  The live band, Haggis, was even better than the band last year.  The weather held off....there was a lot of lightening to the north.....and it was so fun!!!!!!  Here are a few pictures including one of the sunset (ignore the power lines!  LOL). Now onto a new week!!

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