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Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Busy Few Days

Work this week has been fairly busy.  Thursday, not so much as far as customers but I kept busy cutting some BOM fabrics.  Friday was busy with customers but today...well, we had a group of 40+ ladies come for a shop hop!!!!  They flew through the store in about 45 minutes as they were late getting to the shop and had to get to their next location.  Then the rest of the day was pretty busy too! We had Michelle in (from to do a Longarm class on the Innovas.  So it was a hopping place.

I quilted some smaller projects the other day.  Not the greatest but my pile is smaller.  I think I need to try a small baby quilt on the Longarm at work!

 Hubby put up a new-to-me light fixture in my sewing room.  My old one, a cute chandelier, only had one lightbulb and didn't really give me good light.  Well, now I have lots of lightbulbs and he put in the new LED the free light fixture (from an old hotel in downtown Calgary) cost over $140 in lightbulbs!!!!
Look at it glow!

It is our baby's 19th birthday today.  While going through some pictures I came across a copy of one I thought was gone forever!  It was one I had framed and when the frame came out from the basement after the flood I was devastated!!  It's a favorite of my kids...casual, happy, fun.  I was so happy to 
find another one!!!!  Woot woot!!!!!!!!  I'd love to do another one now that they are older.....won't be an easy task!
Nothing fancy, only taken by me but I love these guys!!!!!!  Yep, that little one is now 19!  Good thing Hubby and I aren't getting older!!!!!!

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