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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cleaning Day

Today was cleaning day........I watched "House Clean is Your House" last night!!!!!  That show and "Hoarders" really gets me motivated.  Our house is far from those houses and I'd like to keep it like that.  Then off to get groceries.  The Co-op grocery store is was just opened when we moved here.  I love going during the day as there are some awesome staff that work there!!!  Hockey playoffs start tonight so there will be some tv watching/channel switching going on!!!!  I have an redwork embroidery project that I have picked up again so that keeps me busy while the games are on.

I am really enjoying the mystery quilt I am doing on Facebook...Plenty of Fish Mystery Quilt.  We get our next clue tomorrow and I'm actually keeping up with this one!!!!  Some steps are time consuming, but I think it will be beautiful when it's done.  Every once in awhile they throw in a free pattern.  Gotta love Sharon and Devon of Prairie Quilt Mercantile!!!  With the last free pattern here is my project:

I'm using it as a small table topper on our coffee table in the livingroom.  Fun and easy and something I can quilt myself!!!!!  :o)
Off to get the mail!!!!  My exciting life!!!!!!!  HAHAHAHA!!!!


Kathy said...

Hey Jane, Great to meet another POFer and Albertan blogger! Loved the cleaning out the 4Runner as I quite often blog about knitting in the Highlander while my son skiis :-)

Margaret Macpherson said...

I just love this pattern in the fabrics you have chosen. You HAVE the e y e. of an artist, girl.