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Monday, April 15, 2013

Just a test

Thought I would test out this blog stuff to keep in touch with family and friends since I am planning on deleting my Facebook account.  I have NO CLUE what I am doing so here it goes....I'll be learning as I go.  Hope my posts don't bore you!!!  LOL  My life is not very exciting!!!!!!!!!!  Anyone with a blog please give me any tips and tricks you have!!!!  Thanks in advance and here I go on a new adventure!!!!!!!!


Jane said...

Testing, testing

Cathy said...

Hi Jane, this is such a great idea to start a blog. I had one a long time ago but it wasn't about my life...just a weight loss thing I tried to help me keep on track but it didn't work. I love the idea of posting a bit each day to keep track of what goes on in a day/week/month, etc.

I didn't know your hubby worked up north. Where does he work? Barry is up near Ft. McKay. He's out for 9 and back for 5 and just went back out today. I miss him already.

Well, welcome to blogging and I will happily follow along. :-)

Jane said...

Thanks Cathy!!! There will likely be a little of everything on here!!!!!
Blair is just back up in High Prairie doing work he committed to before we moved.