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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Exercise, etc I'm trying once again to exercise and watch what I eat.  Just got off the treadmill.  I walk/jog (and I use that term loosely...someone with long legs could easily keep up to my 'jog' by just strolling) for 5 kms.  I keep track of my food and exercise on an app called myfitnesspal.  When my Mom was sick I had lost 45 lbs.  Not because I couldn't eat...I'm the exact opposite...I'm a stress eater.....but because my progress reports made her so happy.  She was once a Weight Watchers leader and struggled with her weight.  I would give her my reports weekly and she would smile and praise me......well, as she got worse and was in palliative care, my willpower broke and I'd eat the treats people would bring in and there was always candy in the room...Mom craved it.  So now 30 of those 45 lbs have come back....creeping at first but now BAM!  Combine her passing with a move with being menopausal with almost hitting the big 5-0 and needless to say, I'm struggling with my weight.  I remember how good I felt with those 45 lbs gone.....physically and I am going to try and work hard again to get rid of it and maybe a bit more.  Will myfitnesspal be enough?  I don't know.  I was successful with Weight Watchers before.  Here in town there is also a Curves which I've contemplated joining.  For now I will do what is free and easy.
Wish me luck and I must go...sweat is dripping on the keyboard and I have to take an Aleve!!!!!!!