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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Organization and hoarding

Are you a Hoarder or a Purger?  (Is that a word??). Do you live in organized bliss or organized chaos??  The 'Virgo' in me would LOVE to be uber organized, everything in its place and not having excess anything.  The 'Matthews' in me is a bit of a hoarder keeping things because I'll either use it (for sure!) or I just can't part with it for one reason or another.  One of my to-do list items was taking my stuff out of the garage and into our new shed.  As I was doing this I was thinking 'do I need this?', 'will I use this?'......but off it went into the shed because I just might!!  I might need it and I might use it.  Most of it was seasonal.....some Christmas garland I hadn't used this past Christmas, a wreath, some garden decorations.  I told myself IF any of it is not used this year it's gone!  When we sold our place up north we had a house, shop, garden shed, storage shed (just for my holiday decorations), two other out buildings for general storage and my quilting studio.  We moved into a house with an attached had a shed we tore down and have now replaced.  Needless to say I did a ton of purging, selling and giving away before we moved.  I still have too much stuff! When B's uncle passed away suddenly in a motor vehicle accident years ago and we had to clean out his mobile home with attached garage, I remember thinking then how I did not want to do that to my kids if something happened to myself or B.  He was a hoarder and enjoyed auction sales and Liquidation World!!!  He had no children and his wife had passed away years earlier.  My kids would still have a big job but not as bad as before we moved (and my quilting stuff will be taken care of by my quilting pals!!).  I will continue to work on getting rid of excess......and try not to continue to accumulate stuff!!!!!
Note:  Dad, if you're reading this get, PURGING!!  😊


Erica said...

Jane, leave your dad be - lol. I am also working on doing some purging, wish me luck!

Jane said...

Good Luck Erica!!!!!! It's a big job isn't it??????? You can do it!!!!!