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Monday, April 22, 2013

Road Trip!!

I went on a solo road trip today!!  Village Quilts in Lethbridge was having a sale so I decided to go check it out!!  There was also a quilt shop in a town close by that I wanted to see.  I follow them on Facebook and the shop looked cute!  It was a beautiful day here.  I grabbed my coffee in my travel mug and headed out the door.  Plugged my tunes in, set my GPS and hit the road.
Below are the treasures from Village Quilts.  They threw in three panels as a bonus.  ;-). I had a great visit with Lacey, Natasha and their mom!  It was great seeing them again and I hope their sale week goes well!!!!!

When I got to Coaldale and found the shop they were closed (Sunday and Monday!). Why I didn't check that before I planned my road trip is beyond me!!!!  DUH!  I did find a clothes shop where I found a few things to bring home!!!!  I will go back one day to checkout the quilt shop.  


Cathy said...

I LOVE those colors and patterns together. We need some new bedding and if I was good at matching colors I would take on the challenge of sewing our bedding but unfortunately, I'm not very good at mixing and matching the colors like this. Beautiful!

Jane said...

Most quilt shops will have their "lines" of fabrics together Cathy so everything matches. :-). Takes the guess work out. :)