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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome To A New Year

Ahhhh the fresh start of a new year.....2017, what will you hold????  As I reflect on 2016 I can honestly say there were some amazingly wonderful things that happened.  I met and fell in love with two new adorable of whom I saw being born.  I had a lot of hours at the school I worked at and worked with four awesome kids (who I miss!)  It ended a bit shaky with the cancer diagnosis and so that puts life into a different perspective which I hope to work on this new year.  I am still trying to think of a good word for the remind me of what my personal goals are.

This is the back part of the calendar I received in my Sew Sampler box for December from Fat Quarter Shop.  I love this saying for January....isn't it true?????  

I have had the Kim Diehl Christmas book for quite sometime and admired all the projects in it.  One day, before Christmas, I decided I was going to start this snowman wallhanging.....I hand appliquéd the appliqué pieces and of course stitched down the I have to quilt it before adding more embellishments and embroidering the snowmen arms.  I loved working on it and it is made with stuff I already had on hand!!  Here it is waiting for quilting!

I received some great gifts from friends and family this Christmas...again, I was so blessed.  This lovely sleigh is from my friend Kim.....she made it for me at a painting class she did and made her daughter go to the class to make one for their family!  LOL  All my decorations are down and put away but this is still at my front door......I want to enjoy it a bit longer.

This sweet thing, getting into Grandma's drawer, is turning one in just over 2 weeks!!!!!  Really????? It can't be!!!!!!

And this adorable guy, whose hair is NOT that red!!!!, was sick this week....both him and his mommy but both are feeling a bit better today.  I love getting pictures of him.....I'm grateful for his thoughtful Mommy  <3  

Today my neighbour/friend Deb drove me to my Dr appointment in Calgary.  It was an assessment to see if I was a candidate for brachytherapy.....they implant radiation seeds around the area where the cancer was.  I was too young for the previous study I was told about.  :o)  I had a ct scan then an ultrasound where it was determined I was good to go if that is what I wanted to do (it's another study of course).  When I gave the okay I was "tattooed" and pictures were taken and then everything was discussed and gone over before I signed the papers.  Surgery is January 24th.  I have follow up ct scans and meetings with the oncologist and his team.....quite often in the first year.  With it being a study I guess they need to continue gathering information or what's the point!  I am confident it will go well and I can really get on with life soon!!!!

Christmas did not go as planned.  My sister in law fell and fractured her pelvis and elbow and required surgery....long story short, only my Dad came down.  I was super disappointed but things worked out fine.  Our kids and grand babies were here.......we didn't need anymore than that! :o)

So here's to a new year full of good surprises!  I'll be back when I think of my "word"!  

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Kathy said...

Wishing you the Best Year Ever Jane.