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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Winter is still alive and well all across Alberta.  It's been so cold and we've been getting a bunch of snow.  We are supposed to get a wind this afternoon which will make things so much worse!  When we moved down here we were delighted with the mild winters and the lack of snow...oh it would snow but would melt a few days later (gotta love chinooks!!)....I guess we are reminded this year that winter is still winter!

I'm completely biased but I think we have the most adorable grandchildren!!!  This little guy had his half year birthday a couple of days ago! Those eyes!!!!!!!

This sweetie was ready yesterday for her first day at daycare.....she did well after her nap.  Oh it's hard on Grandma but it will be good for her!  LOL!

I think millions of people feel the need to purge and organize when a new year begins.....I am certainly no different and it usually involves my sewing room!  I've started with my patterns which haven't been purged, only added to, since we moved here.  I am still going to end up keeping too many!!!!!  Please stop me from printing off every free pattern that comes my way!!!!!!
They are going into binders this time...using page protectors...and I am hoping this will make them easily accessible and maybe I will use them.  
Next will be my project cupboard.....I will do that slowly...pull one, post for sale then move to the next.  I need to de-clutter that room!  Not sure what I will do with my purged patterns........I have a box full!  Wouldn't be a ton if I recycled the free ones! 

I am still working on my word of the year.  I want to enjoy every day or at least something in every day and be very aware of it and feel the joy it brings.  I want to stop feeling as though I am just existing day by day.  I know a lot of that has to do with not working but I need to enjoy being at home while I can!  Heaven only knows I have enough stuff to keep me busy....stuff I enjoy!  Maybe my word should be "ENJOY"  Hmmmmm....maybe.  Or just "JOY".  I will ponder those and hope to decide on something before 2017 is over!  

........find the JOY in your day......

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