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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Full moon....Craziness!

Wasn't that a huge full moon last week?  I'm not sure what they called this one....I call it everyone-goes-a-little-crazy-and-our-one-dog-likes-to-pee-alot-through-the-night!  LOL!  
I'm glad it's over!   

Not sure if it brought in the spring-like weather with warm temps and nice warm winds that are melting all the snow but I LOVE it!!  Our lake is looking like a lake again with all the water sitting on it and I have been scooping dog doo doo almost every day!  FUN times!!

So my craziness was wanting to sort, purge and organize all of my patterns.  First you have to make a mess!!!!!!

They are now organized in binders.....I was given all the binders and they were all different so the spines are at least a bit prettier....the quilty looking ends are duct tape and the wood is washi tape....I hope that stays on.  Hubby is bringing me a bookcase to house them all in and I can't wait to get that room neat and tidy again!!!!!

Our grand daughter is turning one year old on Sunday!!!!!  She's been terribly sick with a cold and hasn't been to daycare all week.  Daughter1 says she's doing a bit better but is still not herself.  The party may be postponed until next weekend.  Son1, Jenna and little Jude were planning on coming down Grandma got prepared and found a crib!!  The pack and play playpen seems so hard and uncomfortable.....hopefully this will be better for both grand babies.

It's not perfect as it's not brand new but should be good for here.  :o)  It now has a sheet on and a quilt (that was made by my grandmother for Son2....and there's a pink one the same made for Daughter2 I believe)  All ready to go!!

One of our neighbours is a referee in the NHL and tonight he works his 1000th game!  I'm going with Deb to his party tonight.....I will try and stay awake long enough!!!  LOL  I hope he likes the BIG 'card' I made him to go along with a gift some of us went together on.  The newsprint shows the tv guide for tonight with the game he's working and the date. Kind of cheesy but it's the best I could do! LOL!!!

The countdown is on until my 'procedure'.  I can't wait until it's over......I keep thinking of all the things I need to do beforehand!  LOL  Lots of hand stitching ready........I really have NO idea what to expect.  I'm hoping it's nothing too bad and after two weeks when the seeds are all nestled into scar tissue that life can resume as normal.........ish!  hahaha  Time will tell.

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