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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Just Keep Stitchin'......

 I often check my weather app to see what the day will is not always accurate!  There was NO snow in the forecast until Saturday.  I went to Costco today to stock up on veggies (and chicken pot pie!!)........went in while the weather was overcast and windy.....came out to blowing snow!  My friend Sue was at Costco too so we stopped for lunch there (who can beat a hot dog and pop for $1.50!!??) and were surprised when we came outside!  Yuck!

When I got home and got the groceries put away I thought it was the perfect day to stitch......this is the January block for the Bareroots pattern called Little Stitchies.  I am obviously not going to get it done in January since today is the 31st!  If I would work on it consistently I could have it done!  Just keep stitchin'!

I was excited to get home yesterday after picking up these wire basket drawer organizers!  All of my wool is stored here now and is much better than the stack of plastic bins.  Easy to get to all the colours now so no excuses!!!!!  

The set of plastic drawers that I said were jewellery making supplies, in my last post, were my scrapbook papers!  The drawer unit with my jewellery supplies is shorter and was beside it closest to the you can see, both have been moved.....still in the room though!  LOL (just wanted to keep the facts accurate!  LOLOL)

My friend Kim is coming down for a visit Thursday and then again Friday.....her and her Hubby will be in Calgary and while he is doing work stuff she is coming here!!!!!!!  We might even sew!  She is the queen of Buggy Barn and I have an old kit in my cupboard....she might bring her own fabric and make it along with me..........I need some refreshing on the technique as we are going to be doing a block exchange. I do not want to disappoint the participants if my blocks turn out less than perfect!  I cannot wait for her visit!!!!!!!!!!!  We always have a million things to talk about, have a few good belly laughs and well, I miss her.  :o)  

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