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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Grand baby Cuddles and I'm Done!

This little girl turned one year old on Sunday!  I can remember vividly the day she was born....being in the room was an experience I will never, ever forget!

Isn't her birthday outfit adorable!!!!!

Son1, Jenna and Jude came down for the occasion and it was the best weekend of baby cuddles!  I LOVE those two with all my heart!!!!!!

Yesterday was my brachytherapy so I'm done with operations and anaesthetic and being poked (as far as this left boob is concerned!).  I hope!  I now have a radioactive boob!  HAHAHA!  I was disappointed it didn't glow last night!  LOL!  I was tired, dizzy and had a headache yesterday.  Headache is still lingering, dizziness is much better and besides the fact I was awake since 4 am when Hubby left for work, I don't feel too bad.....nothing a little nap won't cure.  I'm not to do much except light heavy lifting, no long drives, etc for a bit.  I go back in two weeks for a ct scan and I am so looking forward to a nice shower this afternoon!!

My friend Deb always takes care of supper on these hospital days and brought over homemade mulligatawny soup and fresh homemade biscuits.  Hit the spot and was delicious!!!!!!!  Guess what I am having for lunch????? Yummmmmmmmy!  

Hubby usually takes very good care of me but he has a (man) cold and so was under the weather too.  What a pair we were!!!  I hope he gets better the rest of this week at work.

So here is the graphic road map!  I wanted to document it before I (hopefully) wash it off this afternoon.  The red line is the scar from my lumpectomy...they drew the line with a red marker so it's not that bright!  The little dots under the bandage (not marked on) are the entry points for the needles used to place the radiation seeds.  The line above them under my arm is the scar from my lymph node biopsy.  I won't be modelling for Playboy!!!!!  hahahahahahah!!!!!  War wounds....memories.......the past.  


Kathy said...

My nursing hat says surgery looks good, but it also says rest and take care of yourself. Big hugs.

Jane said...

Thank you Kathy!! I'm trying!!!! :o)