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Monday, January 30, 2017


 I LOVE to be organized.....sometimes it happens and it sticks around for a bit and other times poof here then gone!  LOL  My binders of patterns are nicely organized on my new-to-me bookshelf and I have moved magazines, that I save, onto the bookcase too.  Before they were tucked away and I never ever looked at them again.  IF I don't look at them while they are out in the open (I'll give myself a few months) then they will be gone too.....not all but certain ones taking up valuable real estate!

The stack of plastic containers beside one of the cupboards (with wool projects and embroidery stuff) I have in my "craft room" are full of my wool.  It's not very handy to grab the container on the bottom, and we all know that is usually the one we need, so today I am picking up two wire drawer units I 'won' on a Buy and Sell FB Auction page. They are exactly what I was looking for and I hope they work as well as I have envisioned!

Currently the table in my craft room is cleared of those plop and forget about areas....but I will try hard to keep it tidy!  See the plastic drawer unit beside the making supplies!!!!  Really????  It may have to go one day......The small cupboard is buttons, trims, elastic, velcro, bag handles, vintage hankies, etc, etc.

Cupboards full of scrapbooking stuff (2) and craft supplies (1) of these days I will have to decide what I am going to do with all of that stuff!

Last week I got my January Sew Sampler Box....that pink charm pack is so yummy!  Kona Solids 2017 Color of the year.  I can't wait to try the thread cutter....I do love the one I already have though!  

Now for the war wound photo....these are the needle holes used to put in my radiation seeds.....I counted about 17-18.  I still don't know how many seeds they put in.  I was great for the first two days and then started feeling funky....a bit nauseous, headachy, tired....just not well.  Everyone around me has a cold but I don't think I've caught anything yet.  I did muster up the energy to clean today.........I just want to be back to normal!

My friend/neighbour has conditionally sold her house (the buyers have to sell their house in a town north of Calgary).....I'm excited for her but feel sadness too.  She is looking at buying something in south she won't be far away.  That has got us talking about listing again.....I know the market will pick up so I am thinking we should maybe wait.......right now I don't feel like I have the energy for that.............

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