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Monday, February 6, 2017

A GREAT Visit....Just What I Needed!

Kim is such a super wonderful friend!  I was so excited when she said she was coming to Calgary with her Hubby and was able to come to visit with me!  We always have such a great time, have some laughs and solve all of the worlds problems (even in our own worlds)!  I miss her like crazy when she has to leave.

Here we are at the local quilt could we miss stopping into a quilt shop?!  Not sure why I have my glasses on....must have had to look at price tags!  

That was Thursday.  After Kim left to head back to Calgary, I checked the mail and I was touched when I opened this card.....4 special ladies from my hometown, who are members of the quilt guild there, sent it.  I have been so moved by the people who have reached out by sending cards to let me know I am being thought of while I go through my journey.  When you hear the "c" word, regardless of how serious the diagnosis is (or not), just knowing there are people who care and let you know they are rooting for you, is overwhelming.  And it shows me that even though you move away, you aren't forgotten.  :o)

And speaking of thoughtfulness......Kim gave this quilt to me when she arrived on Thursday....I wanted to cry but then I knew it would make her cry!  Cancer has touched her family in many ways, many times.  As a quilter, she knows what it means to gift a quilt to a person needing that special "hug" and I felt the love!  I will cherish this quilt forever!   

Friday was a whirlwind day for a visit!  Kim wanted to help me with a Buggy Barn kit I had bought years ago as she is the queen of Buggy Barn! Since a realtor was showing our house at noon (CRAZY eh??) we got the fabric organized to be cut.  We grabbed the dogs and went for a drive while the showing was happening (nothing came of it of course!).  Afterwards, we dropped the dogs off, went for lunch, came back and Kim continued teaching me what I needed to know as she had to leave soon.....then we remembered a ruler she wanted at the quilt shop so up we went to grab that!  She had to leave when we got back to the house just as it started snowing.  She arrived safely back in Calgary!!  

Here they are cut and switched and ready for sewing!

Here they are done!  They were so much fun to do!  Glad I had a great teacher!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE them!!  This is the quilt according to the pattern but my kit came with extra fabric for borders and binding.  

I had to stop working on this as my daughters friend is having a baby shower on Sunday so I have quilted a top I had had done.  Didn't want to leave it to the last minute!

The snow I had mentioned earlier......I think has finally stopped!!!  Hubby stayed home today and spent the morning clearing snow. I sure hope the roads are okay for his drive to work tomorrow morning!!!!!


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Kimbo said...

Thank you Jane for the visit. What would I do without you? You crack me up and inspire me!