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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Breakfast, the Mail, Another Tree and the Facebook Debate

Whew...long title!!  Let's start with breakfast.  This morning I met up with a former co-worker/friend and a customer from the store.  We had a very nice visit!  Mavis and I have always kept in contact but it was nice to see Liz and hear how she missed me at the shop.  We vowed to continue these breakfast meetings when we could.  A great way to start the day!!

After mentioning I had no mail yesterday I decided to check it on my way home from breakfast (which ended at 11!!) and lo and behold I had a bunch of mail.....and a parcel which was thankfully left in the compartment right there at the community mail box.....and it was a good one!!!  I'm waiting on a Christmas gift for Son1 and another package of goodies for me (again, doesn't everyone shop like that at this time of the year???)....but this was even better!  A surprise from a very dear and special friend!  Peggy (or Pegs as I like to call her) sent me a very nice gifty.  A pair of figure skates ornament, a bookmark, a mug (which I've washed and will be using tomorrow morning!), a lovely velvet bag and....MINT SMOOTHIES!!!!  Pegs lives in Exeter which has an amazing chocolate store, where they make their own chocolates......and she knows I absolutely LOVE their mint smoothies!!!!!  As I do when she's sent them before, I've tucked them in a hiding space to savor when I need a pick-me-up!  These do not get shared!

After enjoying a chocolate I was energized to finally get decorating the downstairs Christmas tree.  It turned out "okay".  The tree is from costco (I'm not in love with it) and has different light settings.  I had it on white lights that fade to color and back to white, etc.  so
here are two each color way!
I also think I'm done fiddling with the it looks really crowded and not proportionate.....I made the star after seeing the idea from a friend.  I don't know....but it will do and I'm not touching it anymore!

So Facebook.  I am once again feeling as though I need to do a purge of the friends I have on there and even groups I follow.  I feel as though people are either bragging about trips and bombarding us with their photos; posting too many pictures of their "cute", "perfect" kids and revealing how proud or blessed they are; sharing how sick they are feeling or, once again, blessed....and leaving at that.  Or it's a lot of negativity, which is never pleasant to read about.  Also, especially at this time of year, people are patting themselves on the back or tooting their own horns regarding what amazing donation they gave or gesture they just did.  Ummmm do you really do it because it's good and right 
or do you do it for the attention and glory?  So in the new year, as per usual, I will be purging....FB 
"friends", my closets /rooms full of extra stuff, hopefully my body of excess weight and using up 'stuff' like craft supplies, quilting fabric/kits and food in the pantry and freezers!  We've only been in this house two years, the flood took care of some possessions but we now have too much stuff again.  And reading a lot of the stuff on FB is not enjoyable.  So purge I must!  I've already un-subscribed from emails I get so that's a start!  

Alrighty, this post is too long and earlier I couldn't keep my eyes open but my shower seemed to have perked me up.  But tomorrow I have a to-do list so off to hit the hay!!!


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