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Monday, September 29, 2014

The End of September

September is almost done and gone for another year.  October, November, December.....then another year has passed.........yikes!  Christmas will be here soon!!!!!  We will get through Thanksgiving then it will be full speed ahead for Christmas preparation!!!!!  This book will help.  I LOVE Gooseberry Patch books and lost so many in the flood!  This is a newly released one and it's great like the others! I'm starting to replace some of the cookbooks but miss the ones with traditions and decorating and gift ideas.  Oh well.....there's always Pinterest!

This past weekend here in HR was a busy one!  There were Art and Culture Days (I went to a small quilt show at the church), the hot air balloon races and yesterday the car show.  I absolutely love the hot air balloons!!!!  They took off seemingly close to our place and the first morning flew right over.  I managed to get a picture of quite a few of them together although there were many more!
The weather didn't totally cooperate though and there were a couple of flights cancelled because of it.  I sure hope they are back next year!!

While sitting in my sewing room this weekend I realized I really do need a comfy chair in Sue has in hers. We had this old one in our bedroom not being used and after moving a couple of things around, I managed to fit it in without it seeming too crowded.  I have a perfect view of the tv and the heat from the fireplace will still reach me or a friend if I have company!!

Hubby has gone back up north for work so it's the start of my to-do list!  Sewing is on the list this week......should be fun starting my Farmers Wife blocks....10 of which should be done by this weekend!!!!!  Yikes!  Hope to post some pictures of the finished blocks soon!


Sue said...

Hmmmm it's not my chair you know, it belongs to Daisy and Jackson....

Margaret Macpherson said...

Incredible shot of balloons over your pond (lake?) cozy chair. I'll sit there whilst you sew.

Jane said...

That's true Sue....I'm glad they share!

Jane said...

Pegs, that chair is yours to sit on if you ever get here for a visit!!!!!!