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Monday, September 8, 2014

White Stuff

Yes, we had snow today...September 8th...crazy!  I know it won't stay so I'm not freaking out about it....but darn it...what a mess...and it's cold!  Remember how beautiful it was yesterday:

This was this morning....raining!

And then this (taken late afternoon...there's more now):

Crazy beans!!!!!!!!!!  So what would any crafter/sewer/quilter do?  Create!!!  I made 47 pee pee tee pees!!!!!!  I sell them in my favorite store up north.  (you use them when changing diapers on a baby boy to avoid a 'golden shower'!)
Boring to make but I turned the fireplace on, found HGTV on the television and sewed away!!!!  Tomorrow I hope to continue sewing because with this weather, it's the perfect thing to do!!!!! Of course there are three million other things I could/should be doing.......but they can wait!  ;)

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Kathy said...

UGGGHHH. Snow!!! All we got was rain and cold.... Thank goodness you have quilts to keep you warm ☺