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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hot September Day!

Today was a scorcher!  Well, 26C but it felt even hotter then that!  No breeze, beautiful blue skies, sunshine....ahhhhh!  So what do I do?  Well, I had two items remaining on my to-do list.  Wash the inside of my windows and decorate my mantle for fall.  Windows were done first. Check! Once I haul out my fall decorations I might as well decorate everything...and decorate I did.  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures yet.  My mantle feels unfinished....I'm looking for something else to go on it...something tall.  I'm not sure yet but I will be sure to post a picture when it's done.  The main floor of this house is fall-i-fide!!!  So on a HOT September day I decorate for fall and I make stew and dumplings for supper.  It was quite delicious if I say so myself!!!!!  Strange activities on a hot day but I'm happy to say my to-do list is finished for this week!  I have tomorrow all to myself!

Tonight I went to my friend Sue's home for a night of stitching...and chatting....lots and lots of chatting!  And delicious coffee!  (Might have to get me a percolator, Sue!). I did manage to start my stitching on my September Bitty Banner.  I'll try and get it done soon...before I receive Octobers!   Sue worked on finishing the fourth patchwork dress she is making for her granddaughters.  They are adorable!!!!!  Gosh, I can't even make pj pants for Daughter2!!

I did do some sewing yesterday.  Four more fall placemats (using a different leaf fabric then the earlier ones) and 8 Christmas cupcake placemats (picture shows one).  I really love this pattern but now I have to get them quilted!

I received some squishy mail today!  A mystery quilt kit from Craftsy!  It starts in more project added to the list!

Off to dream about quilting fairies coming in the night to sew up all my projects!!!  Hahahahahaha!!!!!

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Margaret Macpherson said...

Good for you. Happy stitching!