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Monday, September 15, 2014

Good Golly Time Flies!!

The middle of September today.  Good golly time flies!!!!!!!!  I do love this time of year...unfortunately it doesn't last long before Old Man Winter comes and overstays his welcome!!!!  The sun has returned, the snow is all gone but the mornings are frosty!  Typical for this time of the year.

I didn't seem to accomplish much last week so have made a to-do list for this week.  I did cross one thing off the list yesterday....a magazine purge!  No, not quilting magazines, the other ones I'm addicted to!  Decorating ones!  I still kept a stack I want to read and will flip through them quickly so I can pass them on too.  *sigh*. I try to convince myself I'm not a hoarder!!!!!!!!!!

On the list is sewing....placemats!  I started with this set:

I have four more fall ones (different leaf fabric) and eight Christmas ones (cupcakes!!) cut out ready to sew.  They are so quick and easy!!!! Quilting is a flip and turn so no binding which I love!  That's the fun item on my to-do list!
Son1 and Jenna are coming down this weekend to help me celebrate my birthday.  My neighbor is taking me on a historic house tour during the day and then I have tickets to Seinfeld at night!  Wish Son2 was here to go to that too.  He's the Seinfeld fan!!  It should be a great show and I'm so happy they are coming down!!!!!

But for now, I have things to do and places to go so I'd best get at it!!!!!!!  Happy Week All!!!!

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