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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hello Stranger!

Well...over a week since my last post.  Ooooops!  Where did that week go?  Again, time flies when you're having fun!?

The week went quickly.  The weekend was full of family!  All my babies were home!!!!!!  Sunday Hubby came home and brought my dad and Sunday morning we moved Daughter2 to her new 'home' for the school year.  Part of her room being packed up at home:

Her new room:

She's been there a week and apparently she is all unpacked and organized.  A full week of classes this week coming up!
Some sister bonding before the move:

Here she is just wanting us to leave!!!

When my Dad is here he goes antiquing.  I went with him one day and came home with an embroidered tea towel and a Dick and Jane book!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day!!!!!  It is to change tomorrow......and the "s" word was mentioned for this week!  It's September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought I'd take a picture of "today" 

And because fall is around the corner (we had better have fall and not just jump into winter!!!!!) I really, really have to limit my consumption of these:

I cannot gain anymore weight!!!!!!!  The opposite has to start tomorrow is the start of tracking.  :-#  My lifelong battle.......

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Kathy said...

LOVE Dick and Jane. Reminded me of the whole set mom has somewhere at home! Really should introduce my son to them. ☺