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Friday, August 29, 2014

Can't Sleep

I can't sleep tonight.  I'm reminded of this night three years ago when I sat in a palliative care room at the hospital listening to my Moms labored breathing.  I tried to sleep but got up to suction her throat when the gurgles got worse.  Sorry, not the post you likely want to read about.  I wonder when or if this day gets easier.  I keep thinking it will but it hasn't yet and I work today.....I hope it helps.

Yesterday would have been my Grandpa Matthews' birthday.  He used to come out and help my dad with bees every summer.  He loved liver and onions and his beer.  I miss him.

Sorry for being a Debbie's just kind of a sad day and it's only just after midnight.  A weekend of mixed boys will be here later today!  Son1 and his girlfriend will arrive later tonight.  Son2 might arrive this afternoon.  Hubby will be here on Sunday and my Dad might come with him for the week.  So that's all happy!  Daughter2 will be moving to residence on Sunday.  At least she's not too far away and I know she's ready and excited so that makes me happy.  And Daughter1 sold her old car last night for what she was asking!!!  She's happy about that!!!!!

I just miss this beautiful soul:
I know you are healthy and happy and surrounded by your many dogs that passed before and after you.  You'll need a big chair to fit them all.  I love you Mom...and miss you with all my heart.


Sue said...

Aww, big hug for you xx Your Mom is looking down at you from heaven and saying "Jane, you do not need any more fabric"

Jane said...

Thanks for the laugh Sue! Did you know my Mom??? LOL!

Sue said...

I'm sure that's what my mum would say to me lol!

Kathy said...

BIG HUGS JANE!!! I don't think it will ever get easier, it will just eventually become the norm :-) Off to Glacier for fabric tomorrow since my mom didn't say I couldn't ; ) Will be thinking of you.

Jane said...

Thanks Kathy and have a great time buying aa ton of fabric! :-)