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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sittin' and Stitchin'

Already Wednesday so I thought I should get some household chores done before going to work tomorrow and Friday!!  Floors are cleaned and the duster was swished around the house.  All of this should have been done Monday but instead I was sittin' and stitchin'!!  The weather has been beautiful again this week ( read that as meaning it's still been hot!!) so I will do a mundane task first thing in the morning then sit with my stitching (spell check does not like my abbreviations!!!  Lol). Monday, off to recycling then sit and stitch.  Tuesday, mowed the lawn, hauled grass away then sit and stitch.  I do have three projects to show for my S&S!

First up is a mug mat I made for a Wooly Wednesday Club I hope to get going at the store.  This will be Septembers project....quick lickety split!

Next up is my August Itty Bitty Banner..remember the July one I had to make more Canadian?  I love this August one:

And last but not least, the Live Simply background piece that is framed with a barn wood frame I had my Dad make me when I was up north.  Now I have to stitch the mini quilts that go in that empty space.  They are wool too but not on burlap thank goodness!  I didn't really care for that process!

Always so many more projects to go around here!!!!!!  I should be doing the next block in the Words to Live By BOM from the store (way behind there!!!) and the August (&/or Sept) piece for this Live Simply......and then there are the sewing projects!!!!!!!!  I must make better use of my time and get more things done along side the household chores!!!!!  This morning I took Gordon to the vet.....he will be an "it" by now.  Poor thing!!!!  After dropping him off (love how Daughter1 makes ME the bad guy!!!) I got some groceries.....ribs are in the crock pot so supper is on the way too!  Productive day......but it's not over yet so off to the sewing room!!

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