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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Girl Power!!

First off before I tell you all about my I-can-do-it adventures I want to show you another little project I whipped up yesterday with the leftovers from Sundays quilt top.  I was sewing as I went and maybe would have rearranged the blocks differently but it's done and I like it.

Love the top and bottom border from the panel.  Cute!
Yesterday I went to the quilt shop as Francois had only partially assembled the table to make it easier to transport.  We put it in my vehicle and the girls and I hauled the pieces up to my sewing room and I continued to assemble it.  Here are pictures of it closed, half opened (one side) and all the way open 
(both sides up)

It will most likely remain closed until I need it otherwise I can see it being a nice big dumping ground for stuff!!!!
Yesterday I also put the tv and receiver from Amy's room up into my sewing room.  There are connections above the fireplace.  Well I couldn't figure out which cord was for that connection.....until this morning!!!!!  I figured it!  I still had to call Telus as I had no channels available on the guide but she assured me it will be working within the hour....which should be soon.  Yay me!  Lol

Work tomorrow, Friday and Saturday so must enjoy this afternoon getting my nails done and taking two dogs to the vet for boosters.  Fun, fun!  Maybe some sewing later since Daughter2 is making supper again!!  Salmon.....yummmmmmm.


Sue said...

Looks great!

Jane said...

Thanks Sue. Still no room for a big comfie chair. :-(. Maybe if I used up my stash so I could get rid of my shelving unit!

Margaret Macpherson said...

BEHOLD! Roar your achievement and take a bow! Nice work, all of it. :-)

Jane said...

Thank you Peggy. :-)