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Sunday, July 6, 2014


Well, summer has arrived here and the weather has been beautiful!  Today is cloudy though but it's not raining and I'm kind of enjoying the break from the heat....for a day!!!!!  The Calgary Stampede is in full swing and it's seems like High Riverites are all there!  It was quiet in the 'hood yesterday....ahhhhhh!

Last week I had rearranged my work schedule because I was led to believe two of my quilty friends from up north were coming to stay overnight Thursday while on their way to Montana.  When they couldn't come Thursday I also took Saturday off because I didn't want to miss out on a visit but they ended up not stopping............anyway, I thought I'd better accomplish something yesterday since I took the day off work.  Blair was working on the stone in the front under the steps that was falling off (it's hard to find good people to do work around here!!!!) and he had the steps off from the house.....they were in dire need of painting both because the stain that was on there was very worn, it was an awful color and it was slippery when wet or cold.  Off to Home Depot and I started painting.  Well, I picked a light grey color.....and don't ask me why!!!!!....and after putting it on I really did NOT like it so back we go for a chocolate brown!!!!  LOVE!!!!!!!

It was a one step process (2 coats) and it has texture so shouldn't be slippery anymore!  Keeping busy helped me feel less upset about my "friends" non-visit and let me cross something off the to-do list!

I worked Monday last week and was able to finish this store sample.  The large animal blocks are from a panel and the rest are blocks or strips sewn together.  Not my thing but it sure is an easy quilt to whip up!

I also had a good mail day one day last week and received these from the Fat Quarter Shop!!  So many projects!!!!!!!

I work tomorrow and Tuesday then I'm off for awhile as Dad is coming here and then we are taking him home and I'm staying for a bit.  In a week or so we should know what direction life is taking us...........


Sue said...

Steps look great, love the new colour! Would look lovely with a pot of sunflowers on them :0) ......... Just saying!

Kathy said...

So sorry to hear about your friends not getting by to see you : (
I did wave at High River for you when we left on the 27th, today we came back through Vulcan trying to save some time (not sure we did....)
Steps and Quilt look lovely though : )

Jane said...

Sue, I will make sure I have sunflowers for next year! Thanks Kathy! One of these days we will meet. Glad you had a great vacation!!!!!