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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just Chilling!

Sitting in the backyard on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Ahhhhhh, it's nice and quiet in the neighborhood.  Lovely!

I haven't blogged for awhile.  I've been busy!  Hubby and I were up north and did the siding on the house....I spent the Sunday he left cleaning the inside of the house.  Monday and Tuesday were my visiting days!  The long drive home Wednesday got me arriving in time to see some of the Snowbirds performance...from our back yard!  I bet it was an amazing show even closer up!  Wednesday night we had a crazy thunderstorm with wicked winds!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thursday I got caught up on the mundane household tasks like laundry, groceries etc.  I continued with that on Friday and then our son arrived as he was rained out in Sask!  He really was hoping for a day off as he bought an old '51 Dodge Coronet.

Him, Hubby and A are out for a cruise now!  I should be thinking about supper! Chinese it is!!

Yesterday I had a visit with two little girls who came to my day home when I had one up north...they were 2 & 4 years old back then and now they are going into grade 3&5!  Gosh!!!!  They are growing up so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ella, the oldest, was at a gymnastics camp in Okotoks for the week so I got to see some of her performances. Mischa was in a swim camp in Calgary.  I love these two kids and miss them a lot! I also had a great visit with their mom!

In HP I visited my favorite store (a couple of times!) and had a good visit with Erica the owner and a friend.  She just got in chalk paints and I bought a few (!!) samples to play with.  I sure wish I had of been there for one of her courses!  Maybe one day! 

When I was up north I visited with some friends.....I do have a couple of great ones!  When I saw this I thought of all my good friends!

It's taken me all day to write this!!!!!  Geez!!!


Sue said...

I saw he car yesterday, I forgot all about it, is that what you went to Nanton in?
I have seen this pic before of the two ladies lol!

Kathy said...

WOW! Now that is a car to go cruisin' in!