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Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Long Trip North

Before I write about where we are and why we are here I want to show you my July Itty Bitty Banner.  I will get one a month from Primitive Gatherings.  It's a little 6" x 7" wool banner for the little stand.  Of course the July kit I was sent was very Americana.  I wanted to make it Canadian so exchanged some colors with my own.  Here is my finished banner:

It was really fun to do.  I brought this next project to work on while I am here.  I tried to do it on the trip up but couldn't see well enough in the back seat.....not loving stitch wool onto burlap but I'll plug along.  I also brought two of the little quilts that hang in the middle for each month although Julys was once again very Americana so I brought August.  I need to get my Dad to build the barnwood frame this will go in:

So up we came to our old home town.  My Dad was with us for a few days down south so we brought him home.  We also have a rental house here and our renter moved out the end of June.  There are a couple of things we need to do at the house.  When we checked it yesterday our first task will be the yard....our renter wasn't a gardener and her dog did some digging.  It's to be a hot one today but Hubby has time to help me so we will get it done!!!!  Lots of weeds to pull and cut and Round-Up (my friend again!!), holes to fill, grass to mow.  This little house is tired and needs some loving....we just don't know how much we want to do.....yet.  
We also came up to pick up a new truck which I will get to drive this week!  We brought Hubby's work truck up because he has a small job to do for someone else as well as work at the rental house so wanted his tools.  Here's my view while crammed in the back seat....I did get a lot of magazines read!

Maybe I will sweat a few pounds off today!  We are having a BBQ tonight with my brother and my SIL....not sure but I hope my other brother makes it after work.  Should be fun.....I miss bbqing!  


Sue said...

Ha Ha Ha hope you had lots of fun with your Friend 'Round-up' lol.
Don't work too hard in this sun we are having!

Jane said...

Me and my 'friend' will hang out today! Hahahahahaha!!! I knew that would get a comment from you!! You don't work too hard either!!!!! Enjoy and relax today....happy stitching!

Margaret Macpherson said...

Hi from the REAL me! Nice work. That's a long way to be squished. We use a solution of; 1 Gallon Vinegar, 2 Cups Epsom Salts, 1/4 Cup Blue Dawn liquid dish soap. Bruce uses in his spray tank on a HOT morning and the weeds shrivel. Grass browns temporally. Hope you get little house on the Prairie ready for renting again. TTYS