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Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Facelift

No not for me although I could use some nipping and tucking!  Hahaha!  For the little house.  We are done what siding we are going to do.  We left two sides of the back porch.  Someday it will have to be torn down (although it's still functional).  I think that was Hubby's excuse anyway.  But the rest is done and it looks so very much better.  We got the backside done (I forgot to take before and after pics so there is one of during) yesterday, cut more branches and mowed the lawn.


Side of the fenced back yard:

Back (which was the worst...the original part of the house likely still had the original siding...we sided over all the old stuff back there):

Soffits and facia (sp?) will be next and a couple new doors and the outside would be done.  Oh and a few new windows someday.  But for now, this is a vast improvement!!!!!  Maybe someone will buy it!

Hubby left this morning for home.  He initially was only staying until last Tuesday!!!  I still have some cleaning to do inside the house but will be able to get more visits in for a day or two.  Friday was a great visiting day!!!!  I had nice long visits with Erica (Happy Anniversary today!!!), Pam, Marla, Judy, Corinne and Karen!!!!  It's drab here this morning and we had a good rain last night.  Perfect day for cleaning once I find the motivation!!  I will feel better once it's done so I just have to get at it!

Hope everyone has a much more exciting day planned!


Sue said...

Looks great, bet it's so pretty in the sunshine or snow! Would be a good project for someone. Enjoy your visits. While you are there, see you soon...��

Margaret Macpherson said...

Huge improvement. Makes a big difference. It looks happy. :-)