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Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm a Gardener, Sider....Landlord

So, Hubby and I are up north as my renter moved out the end of June.  We came to check things out at the house and had some work to do.  Our renter wasn't a gardener or a house cleaner but I keep telling myself things could have been so very much worse....I've heard stories!


Then we decided to re-side the house.  I know eh?  Just a simple job!?!?  Hahaha!!!!!!  It has desperately needed it for awhile.  You can see the old stuff in the pics we went with simple, white, inexpensive vinyl.  This is an old house that we are wanting to sell.  We want to make it look nicer but not spend a fortune.  The siding we could do ourselves because Hubby knows how and I can help.  So here are a couple of pics...the before picture shows the siding off.  The white is styrofoam, the black is tar paper.


Don't get me wrong...there is SO VERY MUCH MORE to do to this house both inside and out.  Soffits are the next big job and inside, new floors (and leveled out floors), drywall, etc, etc.....but baby steps for now.  I'm not sure I want to rent it out yet....I'd like to slowly fix more things and see what happens.  We will see.

So I haven't done much visiting yet and it's almost the end of the week.  I have two engagements tomorrow. (Tee hee!). I might make a whole day of it!  I will likely stay until sometime next week as I have some cleaning to do at the house and more visiting too!  May as well while I am all the way up here!


Sue said...

Looking great, a cute little house, just right for a QUILT SHOP!!!!!

Jane said...

Hahahaha Sue!!!!! Wouldn't that be lovely?

Margaret Macpherson said...

May as well visit while there. Could be a long time till you're there again. Sell the place. Nice starter home, if reasonably priced. Or lil retirement spot once floors are even. lol

Kathy said...

WOW! Lots of work. Looks good. Love the red door☺