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Thursday, July 31, 2014

In The Summertime......🎶

Ahhhhh it's been a gorgeous July!!!!!  Today is the end of the month...already.  :(. It's easy to complain about the heat and humidity until you stop and think about what lies ahead.......the dreaded "W" word!  Shoveling snow, warming up the car and bundling up are not my idea of fun!  Hot flashes and 30+ degree weather aren't enjoyable either but I'll take it over snow!  Hahahaha!  Yesterday I was enjoying the day, again in the backyard.  We are fortunate to have a large covered area so we don't sit directly in the suns rays!  Here's what I worked on yesterday:

Iced tea (gotta love Teavana!) and my Live Simply background.  I finally got the letters stitched down.  I'm hoping the rest goes quicker.
My neighbor Deb has got me out walking every day.....I've put on over 10,000 steps all week.  I think I can feel a difference.  I hope we continue even once she starts back to work.

Daughter2 moved back home yesterday......with her dog Gordon. *sigh*. Our dogs are adjusting....he's so full of energy!!!!  Thank goodness it's the summer time.

Well, I'm off to my hair appointment with Miss Morgan.  Cannot wait for my scalp massage!!!!!!!!!!  THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

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Sue said...

Mmm 10 thousand steps! I shall have to get with it! Live simply is coming along nicely now,I should get busy too!