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Monday, August 17, 2015

A Quilty Few Days!!

It's been a wonderful weekend...well, starting Thursday.
My best pal Kim flew in from up north for a super quick visit.....we decided she needed to stay longer next time!  But we had the best visit!!!!!!!  Wish we lived closer....we could get into all sorts of trouble then!  Tee hee!  She arrived Thursday afternoon and we went to the quilt shop here and then the farmers market.  Once home we talked and talked and talked!  Awesome!!!!!!!!  The next day we sewed!  (After talking and talking and talking!). About 10 years ago, Kim taught a Buggy Barn course which I attended.  But I was only half there as it was in the same school that a Highschool badminton tournament was going on and my two boys were in it and they were playing together. (Badminton is important in my life....that's how I met Hubby!). Anyway, I would sew for a bit then leave to watch the boys.  Needless to say my Buggy Barn project became a UFO.  Before Kim got here she vowed to give me help on that project so I could get it done!
 Well done it is!!!!!!!!!!  I finished it yesterday and even the binding and backing are ready to go to her......Kim is my long arm quilter!

I sent FOUR projects with her this time and now have another one ready.  It was so sad dropping her off at the airport Friday night....and when I got home the house was soooo quiet.  :-(. She could have stayed a week and we still wouldn't have run out of things to talk about!  More visits are being I'm happy!!

Adding to the Quilty goodness of the weekend, my friend/neighbor Deb and I went to Okotoks yesterday to the quilt stroll and classic car show.  There weren't as many quilts as I thought there would be but we had a nice afternoon nonetheless.

Today I will do some cleaning and maybe get the grass cut this afternoon although we might get more rain.  It's cooled off considerably!!!!!  Hmmmmm fall is in the air??  I pooped out my little helper again last night in my sewing room!!  Hahaha!

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Kathy said...

LOVE the Buggy Barn Quilt. It looks fabulous.