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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Well, another family-filled weekend has come to an end!  It was so fantastic!!!!  Love having everyone here.  We drew names for Christmas so now we look ahead!

Friday I managed to run to Okotoks for a couple of things and got a message from our security system that the power went out.  When I got home I realized this had happened:
The people laying the sod in the back hit them with something.  All I could think about was my two fridges full of food!!!  Power was restored about 3 hours later!

It was a beautiful week and weekend....we had visitors to the lake....a lot of them.  These were a few:

Son1 arrived on Saturday and I made him an angel food cake....his favorite.  I thought the candles were going to burn the house down!  Hahaha!

Here is a close-up pic of one of my grand-dogs (I have 2) and both love their grandma!!!!  Here is Leela:

Son2 loves his video games.....and found a Nintendo 64 on kijiji and met the guy in Calgary on Sunday.  So here's some pretty intense playing by our 4!

LOL. Oh they were funny........he picked up more games yesterday.  Our sons sure can grow the beards!!!!!  Son2 has decided he will not cut his hair for a year...which will be January!!!!  Ugh!  We told him he looked like a homeless man!!!!!  Does he care?  Nope!!!!!  But he sure can make a yummy perogy casserole and made this yesterday for our Thanksgiving meal.  Our neighbor Maureen wanted his recipe!!

We had an amazing meal with our neighbors who don't mind the dog/cat hair and will even do dishes!!!!  Once again I am reminded of so many, many things I am thankful for:
- a husband who is hard working and sacrifices for us by being away for two weeks at a time for work.  He's also an amazing father and husband.
- four fantastic, wonderful children whom I am so proud of!  I am thankful they live close enough to be able to come home on special occasions or whenever they want!
- fantastic neighbors and friends near and far!  What would life be without friends???  I would hate to find out!
- good own, my family's, and my friends and neighbors
- our home which is big enough to accommodate lots of family, friends and neighbors even though it doesn't really matter....we would make them fit anyway.
- having a hobby that I love and being able to do it often.....everyone needs a hobby or an interest of some kind.

Life is good.

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