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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood....

What a gorgeous fall day!  Sun is shining making the trees glow!

I have a whole lot of errands to do today.....must start filling up the fridge!  Yesterday was spent mostly in the sewing room.  I made another apron!

My model was already in her pjs when I asked her to take this picture!  LOL. 

But today is special because 26 years ago we had our first born child. There isn't anything more special then that.....I remember thinking there was no way I could love another human being more than I loved this baby!!!!  A mother really would do anything for her children!  I remember wanting to wake him up when he was sleeping just to be able to hold him again.  I also realized I had just turned 25 in this picture....he's older now than I was!!!!  Time sure does fly......

So Happy Birthday Son1!!!!!!!  Always remember, Mom loves you to the moon and back!!!!  <3

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