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Friday, October 10, 2014

A Little Comfort

I hadn't been feeling well.  It started on Wednesday when I had a headache that got progressively worse....then aches, nausea, boss let me off the hook from work Thursday and I did nothing.........but when we are sick, regardless of our age, we need some comforting.  Since I couldn't call my Mom (oh how I wish!!!!) I pulled out a pair of knitted socks made by my Grandmother.  Grandma Matthews was a great knitter and I still have a few pairs of socks she knit for me.  So my comfort was Grandmas socks:

I started feeling better today although Lucie told me I could stay home and fully recover.  Again I didn't do much.  I've been looking for a round table for our daily eating area.  I found one on HR Garage Sale yesterday and it was delivered today.  I love it!!

It looks great there and kind of breaks up the bowling alley of rectangle tables.....if you visited, you'd know what I mean.  :-D

They are working on laying sod around the lake (don't get me started on what a waste of money that is!!!) and I'm soooooooo hoping they've moved along far enough, we don't get as much noise tomorrow.  Someone hit the transformer box today so we were without power for a few hours 
and I hope that doesn't happen again!!

A busy weekend ahead.  I hope things go smoothly!!!!  Can't wait for everyone to get here!!!  Let the chaos begin!!!!!!!!