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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Spring Teaser!

After my interview yesterday (I think it went well) I came home to do my Monday housecleaning.  It was so nice outside I opened a few windows......lots of that snow melted throughout the day although we do still have some.  Today is to get to double digits above zero (+12) so it won't take long to melt it all and the great temps are to last all week!!

While cleaning I took down any last signs of winter.....winter quilts and wallhangings were tucked away and I replaced them with lighter ones.  Snowmen table runners were put away as well.  I also brought out this candle I hadn't burned yet.....lilacs are a big reminder of spring!!!!!!  The house smelled wonderful!  I will burn it again today!!!!!

As I sit here relaxing on Valentine's Day morn I am reminded of when my Mom and I owned a flowershop and how CRAZY this day was!!!  Just think of spur of the moment, last minute, 'oops I forgot' men coming in wanting arrangements NOW!  Well, there were men who planned ahead, called earlier in the week and ordered flowers for their sweethearts and so we would be frantically filling those orders and dealing with the last minute guys walking in the door.  Oh it was not a fun time!  hahahaha!  Since then I have told my Hubby he does NOT have to get me a thing on Valentines Day! Just to be able to relax today (and Mothers Day and Easter and Thanksgiving and Christmas) is all I need!  :o) 

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my readers and I hope you are doing what you want and if you get flowers from your sweetheart remember to think about the frantic florists working their butts off today!  LOL!!!!  I know I will!

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Kathy said...

Happy Valentine's Jane! :-) I hope you got to relax and enjoy today. Happy thoughts sent your way today and every day :-)