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Friday, October 28, 2016


I have amazing friends...I really do!  I'm posting this not because I need my friends to buy me things or make me things but man, oh man do I ever appreciate it all!!!!  We all lead busy lives so anytime someone makes the time to do something special it means so much.  

My friend Peggy lives in Exeter, Ontario and sent me my favourite chocolates made right there.  I swear I could smell them before I even opened the package!!!

My friend Sue made me this cuddle quilt.....she did some of the blocks on her new embroidery machine........this picture does not do this quilt's on my lap as I type!  

My friend and neighbour Deb made us supper for tonight....sheppards pie, biscuits and salad.  YUMMMO!

Complete with dessert.....this delicious, still warm lemon meringue pie!!!  (and cookies that I haven't had room to try yet!)

My neighbour Maureen brought me flowers....this isn't a great picture of them either.....they are very colourful!

My heart is full..............amazing!  This is in addition to all the text messages and messages from feels so nice to know people care.  :o)  <3

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