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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall....or Autumn

Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone.  We had all the kids and grand babies home....and that white stuff that I wanted to stay away....didn't!  It arrived on Friday and hasn't left yet.  We are to get warmer temperatures by the end of the week.....I sure hope so!  In the meantime, these four legged family members were staying warm by the fire one morning.  When I saw them all on the one dog bed lined up like this I couldn't help but take a picture!  LOL  Grand dog Gordon is on the far left.....he's the shedding one!

Here's a pic of the white stuff when it arrived on Friday.  Everyone made it here safe and sound!  The roads were a bit scary so Son1, Jenna and Jude came on Saturday morning.

Hubby made me a quilt ladder last weekend.  It's not in this location right now and has more quilts on it but I've always wanted one!  With a crawling granddaughter we will see if it stays on the main floor where she moves around a lot as I can see it crashing on her head!

And speaking of the crawling granddaughter!  Here she is swinging!  hahaha  Really, she is having fun!  She can look so serious at times!

And then there's this little guy!!!!!  Full of smiles!  Oh they will be fun at Christmas!!!  

Being a grandparent is amazing and I love these two munchkins with all my heart!!

Update on my surgery:  I get my mapping done on October 26th then surgery on the 27th.  I'm not sure when I start but I will have three weeks of daily radiation afterwards.  It will be a bit of a pain as I have to travel to north Calgary to have hour drive each way.  I'm sure the time will go by quickly, I pray the weather will cooperate and I will be 100% soon, all in time for Christmas!  

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Kimbo said...

Jane, You are going to be great. You will have to find some hand stitching to do on the trips to and from Calgary. PS the photos are great and the babies look fantastic. Glad you had a good holiday. XXOO