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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hockey Season

Daughter2 has started her new hockey season with the Junior Women's league in Calgary.  Their home opener was last weekend and as usual I helped in the box playing music and doing the scoresheet.  Another parent worked the clock but we had no one help in the penalty boxes.  It was Thanksgiving weekend and my Dad was down.....seeing as though he was very accustom and comfortable being in the penalty box as a player, I thought he might like to help out! :oP  Here he is chatting it up with none other than his granddaughter who came to visit him twice!  hahaha!!!  It was a good game and her team came out with the win!  

Quiet weekend this home hockey games so we (as parents) had the weekend off!  But Hubby did something to his back so was laid up all weekend.  :o(  It was a bit better today so hopefully it will be 100% soon as he isn't one to be hurt or sick.  Thankfully there was no where we had to go or anything we had to get done so he could just rest.

I had a call with more details about what I can expect during my surgery and beyond.  Radiation will not happen right away....first we wait (there's that "w" word!) for the results of my lymph node biopsy which will take place during surgery.  IF the cancer has spread, I will undergo chemotherapy first, but I am very hopeful that will not be the case, apparently because of the type of cancer I have it is unlikely.  Radiation starts 6 - 8 weeks after surgery.  A long and drawn out process.  *sigh*  Daughter1 asked if I was nervous today........I told her I wasn't.....and mostly I'm not.  I just really want it all over.  I told my neighbour gals this weekend too....I know they will be there for me if I need them.  

Today I finished some Christmas gifts for some friends, just part of their gifts that I was pics so I don't ruin the surprise.  They aren't much but it's nice to have something homemade, isn't it?  Because of this situation of mine, I'd like to get a head start..........I do have more crafting/stitching and shopping on the list!  Yikes!

"Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out."

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