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Saturday, June 25, 2016


I was just sitting here, on my lap top, thinking about all the books I have that I would love to read.  Lots of blogs are talking about summer reading lists so it got me thinking.  I used to read Sue Grafton books in the summer while the kids played/swam in the dugout.  I have a few on my bookshelf to read and more to catch up with.  I spend WAAAAAAAAAY too much time on this thing!  I have hand stitching I could be doing, lots of sewing to do (I messed up the quilting on my grandsons quilt to the point I think I have to make a new one.....this one can stay here at Grandma and Grandpas......UGH!), and well, a ton of books to read!  But a lot of my time is wasted on here.....looking at Facebook, looking at Instagram, Pinterest, and reading emails which are mostly from blogs I follow.  Nothing is exciting enough to waste so much of my time on (unless its an email or text message from friends).  Can I do it?  Can I limit my time on here??  I'd have to put it away somewhere....almost hide it!  I need to only allow myself to be on here for a certain amount of time a day.  But what if I miss a text message?  I love text message conversations between friends and family!  I guess I will just have to try and survive!   So, once I am done work next Wednesday, I am going to figure out a schedule and start on Thursday........and find what book I will start first!  Here's to a productive summer!!!!!!

 The first student gift I have received.  What a cute idea!!!  Mom must be super creative or on Pinterest!  LOL  Maybe both!!!

Hubby got home last night and has been taking care of me.  I didn't think I coughed much last night...he said I did.  :(  This has to end one of these head hurts from coughing....argh.  I still have to get through a few more days of work...and I will soon have a grandson to meet!   I want to be healthy!

I can't believe I'm watching football on tv right now (A:  how BORING but B: there is nothing on tv!)  Summer has just arrived and it seems like it should be a fall sport.  At least hockey is over!  Ah summer........  :oD

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