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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June Glorious June

June means a lot of things, including the first official day of summer, but to me it means the end of the school year and this year, my new grandson arrives (unless he waits until July!)!!!!  I am so ready for both events!  

I am home sick today....last week Hubby was home and it was a crazy week both physically and mentally and I think when I let myself get run down I catch whatever bug is going around school.  So I took a day to recoup and relax and get well.

My next Cotton Crates box arrived.  I love these fat quarters but have to decide if I am going to continue getting them as I haven't done anything with the two previous boxes and I do NOT need to keep adding to my stash!  In fact, I think I will be doing another kit purge and have a sale (or two) again.  I seemed to be starting new projects that aren't tucked away in my cupboard!

Thought I had better get making my new baby some burp cloths.  His quilt isn't quilted yet but he will need these first anyway.  So easy to make!

And of course my blog post wouldn't be complete without a pic of my girl.  She is enjoying my rendition of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" !!  She's so fun and (mostly) smiley!!!  I love her to bits!! 

Off to put my feet up and take some cold medicine.  Its a drab and windy day today........

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Kathy said...

All cute fabric and baby. I have to agree with the subscription.....they arrive faster than I can complete them. DOH!