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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Oh Canada!

Yesterday was Canada Day.  There were activities around but Hubby and I stayed home as I am still not feeling 100%.  We can see the fireworks from our backyard as they are set off at the lake beside ours.  I could barely stay up long enough......this cough is still keeping me from sleeping well.  But last night something changed and I think things are loosening up and I don't have the tickle anymore!  I hope I'm on the road to recovery!    I quickly put a couple of things on the bench I have on our front "porch".  My friend Kim made the flag...I LOVE it!  

Another parent gift.....when she gave it to me I thought it was just the beverage....which I was happy for!!!!  Then I got home and opened it up.....can you read the glass?  "I workout.  Just kidding I chase preschoolers!"  I LOVE it!!!!!!  hahahaha!  She had them made which I thought was neat.  I received several other gifts....I will sure miss those kiddos........Next year I will be working at a new school which I am very excited about......but will miss seeing the kids I got to know this year.  I might have to pop into the school when I can.

Thursday afternoon I had the pleasure of cuddling this monkey while her Mom went to an appointment........she's so fun!!!  She's bouncing away in this thing usually chatting and screaming (her new thing!)

Always on the move....she can roll over pretty easily now....back to tummy/tummy to back.  

She finally zonked out....until her Mom came and the dogs barked and woke her up!!!  Look at the ankles crossed.  I love this little girl!!!!!!!

No sign of the grandson.  Doctor appointment Thursday determined if he doesn't arrive beforehand, Jenna will be induced Wednesday.  I was threatened with all four but never made it to the scheduled day.....I hope the same it true for Jenna.  We will have our boy by the end of the week!!  I cannot wait to meet him...hopefully without a cough!

My unplugged schedule didn't happen....with Hubby here and me not feeling well, all I did was relax so had the time to check up on things.  Next week for sure......oh it will be an exciting week!  Can't wait to share the news!

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Kathy said...

Happy Canada Day! The sign is AWESOME!