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Monday, June 29, 2015

And We're Back!!

In my last post I mentioned I had gone to an estate are some of my finds.....nothing exciting but it was a fun day!  Missing from the picture is a vintage apron which was in the laundry:
The roaster is tiny, the swizzle sticks are neat (look at those tiny whistles!!) and that click the button on the side and a staple remover slides out!  I know, small things amuse me!  LOL

It's been scorching hot here the last week.  Today it rained and was overcast but humid....still a nice reprieve from the heat!  Hubby was home and last night we drove, in the air conditioned truck, to Nanton for an ice cream!!

See him licking his lips!!  Hahaha!

I am officially on summer vacation and have a long list of things I need to get accomplished.  Mostly stuff around the house and I am going to try and get on those tasks sooner rather then later!  I have changed my Quilters Garage Sale to the 11th of July.  Hope I can get rid of that mountain of quilty 
goodness (and put some $ in my pocket since summer vacation means no pay cheque for me!)
Of course I have to fit in a lot of stitching.  These guys have been ready to go for over a week and not one stitch has been sewn!

Ahhhh flowers.  I love alstroemerias.  I just threw these out today and they were at least three weeks old!

I have mostly perennials in my gardens...these were from the grocery store.  I am thinking of adding some annuals to my flowerbeds in the back yard.  Maybe later this's to get HOT again by Friday!!!

Night time cold medication is kicking in and my eyes are drooping.....until next time!

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