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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Crafting and Saleing! (Is that a word?)

Today was an awesome day!  I went with my friend Mavis, whom I worked with at the quilt shop, to Priddis and the Vintage With Flair sale.  It was sunny but not hot.  I bought a few things there and then we went into Calgary to Out of Hand!  We left and decided why it was named that....was it because you buy things there (it's a quilt shop) to make with your hands or is it because it's a mess?!?!?!  Bolts of fabric stacked high on top of each other; other bolts stacked in front of bolts you can't see!  But they have unique things there and if you look (and even if you don't) you can find treasures!!!!!  I came out of there with some wool pieces and a magazine.  Then we were going to go find someplace to eat but saw an estate sale sign and off we went!  Found some treasures there too!  Odds and sods.....I'll take pictures tomorrow.  I never thought to take any pictures at the sale or quilt shop!!!  I did take a pic of my lunch at Tim Hortons! LOL

Remember the photo collage I made my dad for his birthday?  Well, he framed it and it looks really good now!!

My friend Sue had a birthday yesterday and I painted her a set of the season blocks.  They were fun to make and I must make myself a set!!

It's the last week of work until summer vacation.  I have really enjoyed the past 4 months and hope I can return to the school in the fall.  Our principal is leaving and going to a different school but one of my neighbors is now the new principal so that is sooooooo neat!!!!!  The week will be filled with crazy end of the year parties and classroom cleaning and trying to keep the kids calm!  Fun times!!!!!!!

Hubby is home this Monday night already so this week will fly by!  I'm hoping to have my purging sale possibly the 4th of July then maybe head north and try to sell whatever is leftover up there and have a visit the following week but we will see.  I will get up there one of these days through the summer.

Fathers Day Dad is in Vancouver with my youngest brother so I'm sure he's having a great time!  I will try calling him and see if I can reach him.  I haven't made anything for him yet but I have a bit of time........:-)

My pillow is calling to me and I hear the rain coming down again out there so here's to a nice restful sleep!  I need it!  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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Sue said...

Loved my blocks, Thank you again!
Sounds like a good road trip, hope to get my projects finished so I can go on one, happy Sunday!