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Friday, February 7, 2014

I'm ready for Spring!!

I am so ready for spring!  It was another nippy day here.  The sun was shining but it was still cold.  I have a hyacinth plant that is blooming and smells wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

It's right by my kitchen sink so I can enjoy the scent when I'm working in the kitchen.

Christmas cactus at one end, hyacinth on the other!!  Haha

I bought some cinnamon hearts today......yeah, I haven't had a great Curves week.  :-|

Of course I grab a few every time I walk by.  Darn, why did I even buy them??????  My neighbor and I are hoping it warms up next week so we can go on our evening walks!  Sounds like we both had a lazy week!

I joined a skinny pinny swap at I've made my skinny pincushion and will post a pic soon.  It was fun and fast and easy!  The lady I send my pincushion to lives in Philadelphia.  Her sewing room is red and aqua.  I want to add some extra goodies to the package before I send it off.   She is not the one who sends a skinny pinny to me so it will be interesting to see where it comes from!

Olympics have officially started.  I remember when I was a kid.....if you didn't watch the Olympics on tv while they were going you didn't watch tv.  Back when we had two channels!  I'm thankful for more stations now....although I will catch several events I'm sure.  Women's hockey tomorrow!!!!!

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