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Monday, March 27, 2017

Rearranging and Some Stitching

Weekend before this past one, I wanted to move our crib upstairs to a bedroom on the same floor as ours.  One of the spare rooms had a queen sized bed and Daughter2 will take it when she moves again the end of April and up came the crib.  Its a room I want to paint one day but in the meantime here is what I came up with......I may need to find a small dresser to use as a change table/storage but it will work for now.  The quilt on the wall is not quilted yet and I'd like to make some simple day.

There are nine of us doing a block exchange making Among Friends, a pattern by Buggy Barn.  Here are my angel blocks....without the halos!  I forgot to take a picture before I packaged them all up!  They will be mailed today.

I really think spring has sprung here.......

We saw this little goofy twice this weekend.....when she sees herself in the phone she sticks out her tongue!!!  Oh she has a sense of humour already!  She's also walking a lot more!!

I don't have to wait until Easter to see and cuddle this cutie!!!!!!!!!  I am going to his place this coming weekend with Daughter2...she has a hockey tournament close by!  Not sure how much hockey I will watch!!!!!  hahaha  I can't wait!!!!!!!  He's a lot more mobile now too and jabbers away!  

Still working but now only two days a week....Monday and Wednesday.  Love it!  But I had best get going as it is NOT pyjama day!  LOL

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