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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Dream..........

I have always had a dream to open a quilt shop.  I have had this dream for many, many years.  I know I would be good at's my passion...but I have had a business before.....and it was a struggle.  That experience will always be in the back of my mind unfortunately.  The difference is that the former business was not my passion.  It was a flower shop and my Mom and I made ALOT of mistakes when we bought the business....right off the hop....which we struggled to fix the whole time we owned it.  I have learned a lot from that experience, which is different because of the perishable product we dealt with.  But shouldn't I be preparing for retirement?  (hahaha  like that will ever happen!)  Shouldn't we be getting rid of debt instead of accumulating more??  I will explain where this is all coming from.

Hubby and I went for a drive on Monday to a tiny little town about 15 minutes away from here.  It is known for its antique shops and is bustling in the summer months with tourists.  The main highway goes right through this little town.  Anyway, we found a little shop, right on the highway, beside the biggest antique shop, that was for sale.  It is currently a coffee shop and is tiny but all we could see was a quaint quilt shop!  Even Hubby said it.  WOW!  Was he messing with my mind??  Maybe, but I've been dreaming of it ever since.  I was chatting with my friend last night via text message....she runs a very successful giftware shop in my hometown.  She is telling me to go for it!  Well, there are problems with "going for it" for  First and foremost finances!  I would need some!  I don't have a clue how much I would need to stock the place after the initial expense of buying the building.  How do I calculate that?  How do I do a business plan?  WHO would lend ME money??  Then it dawned on me last night that our biggest debt is our house...this big beautiful house with an amazing view on the best street in town...and in the best neighbourhood with the best neighbours!  But my friend/neighbour has been trying to sell her house for over a year yet one further down the street sold quickly....would ours sell if we decided to move and downsize so I could realize my dream?????***SIGH***

If only we had been better with the money we had inherited over the years.  If only I was younger!  If only I could predict the future and could see how successful it would be (or not).  If only I could win the lotto!  If only I knew..........IF ONLY>>>>>

In my heart I know this is something I would LOVE.  In my heart I know that dealing with quilters, fondling fabric, stitching samples and teaching classes would be fulfilling a dream.  But my brain is telling me to live safely.  Don't take the risk!  My brain is asking "ARE YOU NUTS?"  Even IF this happened....IF....this building is only 850 sq ft.  If things went well then would it become too small too fast?  Then what?  Starting small is always a good safe thing...right?  Oh my mind is spinning!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I hear is "life's too short" and I have seen that firsthand.  I could die tomorrow (guess I wouldn't have to worry about all this then!  hahaha).  I know how much hard work and how many hours I would be involved in this.....I have that time now.  ARGH!!!!!  Where is the back yard money tree??  Where is my courage??

Thanks for listening to my ramble.  Sometimes I find it helps to write things down......this hasn't really helped!  LOL   You can bet this will be the topic of discussion this weekend when Hubby gets home.  :o)

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